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VID: Solving Performance Problems on Hadoop

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The full video of my talk from Hadoop Summit (San Jose, June 28, 2016) is now available.  In this talk I cover performance considerations when moving analytic workloads into production.  I even give away the game changing secret sauce for extreme performance in Actian’s Vector in Hadoop product for SQL analytics. VID: Solving Performance Problems […]

Spark Analysis of Global Place Names (GeoNames)

Spark Analysis on a Large File has free gazetteer data by country or for the world, provided in tab-separated text files.  In this post I show you how to do some simple analysis using DataFrames in Spark.  As the global file is 280M compressed and 1.2G uncompressed.  This size of file makes it difficult to […]

Common Zeppelin Errors

A few different errors have popped during my initiation into Apache Zeppelin, here are a few of them, summarised with workarounds if you need them. Tutorial Failure Due To Spark Versions Default Zeppelin comes with Spark 1.1 (though it may be updated by the time you read this).  The current Zeppelin tutorial assumes Spark 1.3 or greater […]

Python Spark SQL – Zeppelin Tutorial – No Scala

Zeppeling tutorial example using Python instead of Scala for Spark SQL

My latest notebook aims to mimic the original Scala-based Spark SQL tutorial with one that uses Python instead.  Above you can see the two parallel translations side-by-side. Python Spark SQL Tutorial Code Here is the resulting Python data loading code.  The SQL code is identical to the Tutorial notebook, so copy and paste if you need it. I […]

Zeppelin Notebook Tutorial Walkthrough

This is my short video (14 min) showing how to build and launch the Apache Zeppelin notebook platform – a web UI for interactive query and analysis.  This is all done running locally via OSX on a Macbook. In this video we focus on using the tutorial notebook that comes with Zeppelin and discuss each step – including interactive querying and charting – […]

Graph analytics – the new super power

Graph analytics – the new super power

Graph analytics – is it just hype or is it technology that has come of age?  Mike Hoskins, CTO of Actian sums it up well in this article from InfoWorld: “One area where graph analytics particularly earns its stripes is in data discovery. While most of the discussion around big data has centered on how to […]